First Date.

Today, my roommate asked “what was the best date you’ve been on?

Well there have been the typical movies, dinner, beach etc but the best date was with h i m

Our first date, my first date. There we were two sixteen year olds sitting in an Italian restaurant (ironic since I’m in Italy now), laughing and just enjoying the night. Something about it just felt right. Then time passed and it was time for me to go home and you surprised me with a panda (apologizing that it wasn’t the white tiger I wanted) that you made at build a bear when you were in San Diego (I still laugh thinking about it). Then you said “I didn’t put a heart in it because I want us to put it together”… Such a simple yet thoughtful gift.

Yet, I don’t know if this was my favorite date because it was my first or if it is my favorite because he was in it.